Vegan Voyage: The Perfect Alpine Adventure - Forsthofalm Hotel in Austria
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When thinking of Austria, many things come to mind; Mozart (the composer and let's be honest, the chocolates), Sigmund Freud, sacher torte, Schubert, snowy mountain peaks, whiter than white milk Schwarzenegger. Austria doesn't really scream 'VEGAN!' - until now that is.

One of the most picturesque hotels we've ever come across, Forsthofalm Hotel (Timber Hotel), is quickly putting the country on the vegan map thanks to its extensive plant based cuisine. We are not talking a plate of pasta with some half arsed tomato sauce here, we are talking a proper vegan menu devised and executed by Tobias, the hotel's vegan chef. Let's find out more...




The hotel, or as they call it, bio-hotel, is situated up in the mountains near Salzburg, 1,050 metres above sea level. Its surroundings are breathtaking and being so steeped in nature means that the area offers plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. It's easy to reach by flight and Forsthofalm can arrange for a car to pick guests up from the airport.

Stand Out Features

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The food. Not only do they have an extensive and mouthwatering vegan menu, but their ingredients and products are organically grown on site. Now, that alone will have us book a flight in no time, but it doesn't end here. There's a rooftop pool, a gym, a spa offering plenty of treatments, yoga classes, a sauna and a 'garden quiet room' where you can take in the outstanding mountain views and get away from it all. And after a day of skiing, hiking and mountain biking, what's better than a hearty meal and a couple of stiff drinks at the hotel bar? Oh, did we mention? Their wines are natural and vegan, so you can quaff a glass of delicious Riesling knowing that there's nothing fishy going on...

Sleeping beauty: the rooms

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Decked in solid wood and devoid of metal and glue, the rooms are light and airy with spectacular, scenic views. Little Eden and Little Pine Eden are the cosiest, but they are nonetheless spacious and perfect for two. If you prefer a suite, there's a choice of four very large ones, with sitting rooms and lounge areas. 

Activities and amenities 

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If you enjoy the outdoors you'll be spoilt for choice. Hiking, skiing and mountain biking are just some of the activities on offer. The rooftop pool must be taken advantage of and the spa is not to be missed. The region is very biodiverse, so go for a walk and spot plenty of happy furry and feathery residents living freely and harmoniously in their own habitat. 

Prices: Room prices start at around £110 per person per night based on two people sharing. For more information visit the Forsthofalm Hotel website.