Get That BBQ Fired Up! Tesco To Launch Vivera Vegan Steak in Stores Nationwide From 21 May
Vivera Vegan Steak at Tesco.jpeg

Yet again Tesco is pushing the envelope on the vegan meat replacement front! This week they announced that they will be stocking Vivera's vegan steak at 400 stores nationwide from 21 May.

Tesco is already leading the way with vegan convenience foods on the high street with Wicked Kitchen and Oumph! as well as a plethora of their own branded cheeses already in the fridges and shelves. Vivera steak is the perfect addition to their plant-based range and will no doubt do well with summer BBQs just around the corner. Made of soy by Dutch company Vivera, this vegan steak has received great reviews and is considered one of the most meat-like substitutes around.