New Oumph! Burger Launches at Asda
The Oumph! Burger 2 pack packshot.jpg

Soy-based vegan food company Oumph! has now launched a brand new product, the Oumph! burger.

Just like Oumph! vegan meat chunks and strips, the burger is made using soy and spices, with the addition of beetroot juice to give it a pink hue when cut into.

The burger will launch exclusively at Asda on 1 July and will retail at £3.49 for a pack of two burgers. Asda will also be stocking all the other Oumph! products too, available from the same date.

Oumph! chunks and strips which include Pulled Oumph!, Kebab Spiced, The Chunk, Thyme & Garlic are also available at Tesco and Whole Foods.