Holland & Barrett to Open All Vegan Shops
Holland and Barrett.jpg

UK health food chain Holland & Barrett are set to open a number of vegan-only stores.

Holland & Barrett's CEO Peter Aldis confirmed the news in an interview with The Telegraph.

 “Today there is a trend towards veganism. We are working on a vegan-only store. It is our space and we should be in it.” said Aldis.

The CEO also told the newspaper how his wife has recently become vegan and has seen immediate benefits to her health.
"She now has improved energy and a higher level of focus." he said, "The amount of people that are engaging in that lifestyle is rising."

Whilst they are still selling products containing animal derivates, Holland & Barrett have recently removed items containing krill and gelatine from their shops, following pressure from consumers and Greenpeace. 

The CEO has not revealed how many stores they will open, or indeed their location or what the time frame is.

In the same vein, chemist chain Superdrug, recently opened a vegan-only pop up store in London. Could Superdrug follow suit with permanent vegan stores too?