Don't Miss! Sustainable Fashion The Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution Event Takes Place in London on 28 April and Is Free!
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An event taking place on Saturday 28 April at the London Museum of Brands Packaging and Advertising aims to highlight the importance of sustainable fashion and the issue of modern slavery in the fashion industry.

The Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution event is part of the Fashion Revolution Week 2018 and is hosted by Ethical Hour. The event is sponsored by online sustainable fashion marketplace Mamoq in association with Pebble Magazine, Mamoq’s partner brand Where Does It Come From?, Natural Mumma Magazine, Ethical Consumer Magazine and Green Hosting.

The event will see a group of independent ethical fashion brands from across the UK host a pop-up market, talks and a fashion show as part of Fashion Revolution Week 2018.
A panel of experts, including Lenny Leemann, co-founder of Mamoq, will participate in panels discussing the issue of transparency in fashion.

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution will showcase around 30 companies and their ethically-made clothing, jewellery, accessories and footwear at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in west London.

Jo Salter, founder of ethical fashion brand, Where Does It Come From? and co-host of the April event with Sian Conway, founder of online community, #EthicalHour, says:  "Consumers are increasingly demanding and want to buy products that align with their personal values, from companies that can tell them how they’ve been made and who was involved” said Jo Salter. "I see this as a backlash against the fast fashion culture of cheap, throwaway clothes. We want transparency and to know that our clothing isn’t adversely affecting people or the planet.”

Mamoq's Lenny Leemann comments: “Increasing transparency within the fashion industry is fundamentally required to hold brands accountable for their actions, and is a crucial step in demanding higher ethical standards throughout the entire supply chain.
“We are excited to partner with brands who value transparency and encourage consumers to ask questions about where their clothes are coming from.”

The Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution event takes place on Saturday 28 April, from 10am to 5pm at the at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

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