Video: Behind the Scenes at the Just V Show with LDN Vegans and Ethica Magazine


Ethica Magazine's Editor in Chief Stef and Salad or Chip's Joanne did a live cooking demonstration in the Oumph! Kitchen at the Just V Show on Sunday 8 July. 

Using Oumph! we created a recipe for meatless balls, inspired by Swedish köttbullar and Italian polpette: Vegan Sommar Polpette.

Our friends, LDN Vegans were at the event and filmed the demo, the Just V Show and caught up with Stef to chat all things vegan and of course Ethica Magazine. Take a look at their brilliant video above!



Ethica Magazine will be cooking live in the Oumph! Kitchen at the Just V Show this Sunday, 8 July at 12pm - just in time for lunch!

Our resident cook and recipe developer, Salad or Chips, AKA Jo Conlon will be cooking a brand new recipe created using Oumph! - this year's official Just V Show's kitchen sponsor - whilst Ethica Magazine's Editor in Chief Stef Bottinelli will be talking to Jo about the dish, its health benefits and sharing tips. 

The Just V Show takes place at London's Olympia 6 - 8 July and showcases a huge selection of vegan, cruelty free and vegetarian brands, from food to beauty.

The event also incorporates two more shows: The Allergy and Free From Show, aimed at those with intolerances, allergies or who simply want to avoid certain foods, and the Love Natural, Love You Show, for those into health, fitness and beauty.

Over the three days the Oumph! Kitchen will see several renowned plant-based chefs, cooks and food writers and bloggers doing live demonstrations, including Progress Chef and and Head of Food Concepts at Food for Progress (the company behind Oumph!) Fredrik Kämpenberg and Peter SegerblomSara Kiyo Popowa from Shisho Delicious; Meat Free Fitness's TJ Waterfall; Sam Platt from The Vegetarian Society Cookery School and of course Salad and Chips and Ethica Magazine's Jo and Stef  to name a few.

Ethica Magazine and Salad or Chips' recipe video tutorial will be posted in our recipe section straight after the Just V Show, so you too can make our healthy, gluten free and (we promise!) delicious dish.

If you are at the event come and say hi, share your pictures on Instagram with us or tweet us here.

See you on Sunday 8 July at the Oumph! Kitchen on stand V75!


For more information and to get your free tickets to the Just V Show click here.