From the Sea to the Dining Table: Claire Rendall For Van de Sant Collection Turns Ocean Plastic into Stylish Furniture
claire rendall cushions on van de sant sofa vibrants.jpg

It's taken the world a while to wake up to the fact that plastic is highly polluting and our oceans are not dumpsters, but finally, governments and individuals are taking the matter seriously.

At last recycling and upcycling are no longer 'unstylish' words, quite the opposite. Any designer worth their salt is looking at finding ways to work with nature, not against her.

Van de Sant are such designers. The interiors company decided to marry their passion for design and nature years ago, by creating furniture that is environmentally friendly and is made of recycled materials.
They work with a number of companies, including BIONIC®, who retrieve some of the 8 tons of plastic dumped in our oceans every year and turn it into a positive upcycle.  

Van de Sant then use their creative magic and turn old bottles and plastic bags into beautiful furniture.

claire rendall & van de sant Stool & Centaur.jpg


A year ago, renowned Interior designer, Claire Rendall, famous for her work at Longleat House and for appearing in the BBC1's DIY SOS, was approached by Robert Milder, founder of Van de Sant, who invited her to collaborate on a range of luxury garden and yacht furniture using recycled plastic rescued from the sea. 


Claire Rendall and Van de Sant got busy designing a range sofas, garden chairs and tables all made of salvaged ocean plastic and the Claire Rendall for Van de Sant Collection was born.

Could all our furniture in the future be made of recycled materials? If it is this inspired, we hope so.

For more information visit Van de Sant.