5 Beautiful Plastic-Free Toys Your Children Will Love

There’s no plastic in sight in these beautiful artisanal, ethical and and vegan-friendly toys.


Wooden Bakery Set - This Paper Book

Wooden Bakery Set.png

Calling all bakers, shop keepers and chefs - these wonderful wooden food items are a must-have for anyone with a play kitchen. Unlike most plastic food items which are often inaccurate and to be frank, just look odd, these gorgeous items are full of detail, and super smooth to touch and handle. There’s plenty of professions to role play as items range from bread, pastries, mushrooms to onions, potatoes and carrots. This Paper Book has even added a new line of wooden desserts including chocolate and doughnuts - the perfect accomplice for any teddy-bear picnic.

On delivery, the items arrive in a cotton keep-safe bag, so all processes from creating these toys to shipping them are plastic-free and completely vegan! Hooray!

Head over to their website for all things wooden and creative play: from baby bottles to stack-able rainbows.

Instagram: thispaperbook

Felt Animals - Amuru Toys


 The most adorable set of animals we’ve ever seen. All handcrafted by Anna, she makes her whimsical creates with vegan-friendly felt and clothes. Each character is bursting with personality and all encompassed by their own style and clothing. Holding these creatures in your hand is just magical, watch as the detail in their clothes and faces brings out their charm and wonder. A stunning keep-safe for your children’s bedroom shelf, or bed-time cuddly.

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Instagram: amuru_toys

Acorn Scooping Set and Stacking Stars - Imaginations Unbound

Stacking Set.png

This family run business, knows how to handcraft toys for little explorers. Their smooth wooden sets encourage children to stack, scoop and count! They're beautifully designed to help children improve their hand-eye co-ordination, practice balancing items and fine-tuning their motor skills.

wooden stars.jpg

Watch their eyes light up as they build a tower from stars, or hear them counting as they scoop and pinch their acorns into a bag!

If you opt for their candelilla wax finish, the sets are also completely vegan!

Grab 10% off your order with code: ETHICA10 at checkout.

Instagram: Imaginations_unbound

Concrete Letters and Characters - Oh So Grey


 Now this is a craft-maker with a secret talent. A midwife by day, Kate supports mummies with one hand and breathes life into concrete letters and characters with the other. Her items are bold and beautiful. Kate's passion to make bespoke orders will create your child something unique that won't exist anywhere else in the world. From letters to soldiers and spacemen - Kate is constantly coming up with new exciting designs to style those toy shelves with. Although not a toy, we couldn’t help but share how incredible your child’s name in letters will look.

Quote ETHICA10 when ordering via Instagram to get 10% discount.

Instagram: oh.so.grey

Fishing Rod with Fish - Beige Bois


 One of the most exciting toys you’ll ever discover. Entertain young explorers with a fishing trip! This wooden working rod comes complete with 9 magnetic fish (and one boot) to catch. Each, has been painted with dots to help children practise counting on the go. Lightweight and easy to transport, you can take this toy on any trip. Heading to the beach? A local river? Or even the bedroom! It’s fun to set up and helps children focus on their patience and hand-eye coordination. Visit Beige Bois' website to also fall in love with their beautiful wooden toy cameras.


Instagram: beigebois