10 Beautiful Items That’ll Help You Ditch Plastic for Good
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Everything about this stylish cup, screams ‘ditch plastics'. It's compatible with high-street coffee shop machines, is super comfy to hold and let's be honest, it looks great! It is practical too - machine washable, has a sealable lid, rubber grip for holding and is lightweight. On hot days, fill up with your favourite cold drink, and leave in the fridge overnight. We all know how good drinking from a chilled glass feels. No more disposable cups or bottles, thank you.

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2. Sandwich wraps, Marley Monsters, £9.00 ($12.00)


These quirky wraps will cheer up any lunchbox. Move over cling film, and tin foil, these fun and machine-washable sandwich bags will inspire any family to ditch plastics. Pop in your sandwiches or fruit and veg, fold over the top and ta-da! A handy little plastic-free cover for your snacks. Here's the hard part - deciding which pattern to choose! Marly Monsters spoil you for choice with their fabrics ranging from strawberries and squirrels to whales!



3. Organic Dry Shampoo, KiteNest, £10.00


Hoorah! A vegan solution for clean hair on the go: tinned dry shampoo. These portable tins are loaded with natural powders and clay that remove excess oils. Simply, massage into your hair to feel refreshed. Perfect for busy mums, festival campers and travellers. You can opt for a formula specialised for either light or dark hair tones. KiteNest works hard to ensure that all products are organic and free from added nasties. The shampoo comes packaged in a cardboard tube which is sourced from responsibly maintained forests in Northern Europe, while the plastic lid is fully recyclable.

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4. Conditioner Flakes, Just Little Changes, £7.99


Everyone's bathrooms are riddled with plastics - from toothbrushes to shampoo and body wash bottles. Yes, most of these are recyclable, but sadly, 13 billion end up not being recycled due to such high demand for recycling stations.  Well, this is a little miracle. Portable, and easy to make, just mix up the flakes with warm water and use as and when you need. Guaranteed to leave your hair soft. This small packet alone makes up 1L of natural conditioner. The perfect holiday companion or for bathroom declutterers.  The bag is made from vegetable pulp so is compostable. Wave goodbye to bulky and heavy conditioner bottles! 

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5. Bamboo Toothbrush, From Earth to Earth, £3.99

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From Earth to Earth (F.E.T.E) has been raising awareness of plastic toothbrush graveyards. In the United States alone, over 1 billion toothbrushes are discarded every year. Imagine the global figures. F.E.T.E are swapping plastic brushes for bamboo. And wow, they feel good, are smooth to hold and has bristles that are soft on gums.  F.E.T.E has created a whole range of different colours and sizes for the family. Bamboo is the world's fastest naturally renewing resource which contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties - so a much better material for us to be handling and putting into our mouths than plastic!

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6. Body Salt Mini Tin Set, The Salt Parlour, £17.50

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Three little pots of goodness which will leave your skin glowing with revitalisation. This vegan company has learnt to harness "The Beauty Mineral" - also known as Sulphur. This wonder ingredient helps to decrease inflammation while promoting collagen production and circulation. The Salt Parlour also adds organic vitamins, minerals, sea salt and pressed oils so really does give your skin a makeover. Their Jasmine & Matcha Green Tea comes out tops for unique smell and ingredients. Not a single ounce of plastic in sight - the tins are recyclable and are accompanied by the cutest wooden spoon to help you apply the salt. Finally, they’re packaged up in a little cotton travel bag to help you take them on your travels or give as a gift.

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7. Mini stainless steel lunchbox, &KeepShopping, £6.50


These shiny, pretty stainless steel boxes are super-light and sure to reduce your plastic use. Versatile too and are exceptionally brilliant for toddler snacks as they are resistant, have smooth edges and are dishwasher friendly. Have a zero-waste shop nearby? These are great for taking along to fill up on seeds, dried fruit and nuts. Or have a shampoo or soap bar? Pop them into the tin, and you've got a handy carrier.

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8. Stainless Steel Green bottle, Akasha, £14.99

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A vibrant and reliable way to stop those plastic bottles from entering your bags and bins. This premium Stainless Steel bottle looks after both hot and cold drinks. They are built to last, so will see you throughout your lifetime - so imagine how plastic bottles you'll cut back from! The bottle never sweats in warm weather, is comfortable to hold and will never leak over precious items! Akasha even sells a liquid chalk pen for £1, which is wipeable so you can customise your bottle over and over again. New colours to look out for include blue and black. 

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9: Bamboo Straws, BaliBoo Naturals, £15.61

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Plastic straws are a real ticking environmental time bomb. The US alone consumes enough straws to circle the Earth 2.5 times every single day! Plastic straws are the 11th most found item in the ocean. Well here's a simple solution: bamboo straws. Made from organically grown bamboo grown in Bali, these straws are super smooth to drink from, are dishwasher-friendly and come in an adorable little keepsake bag complete with two cleaning brushes. They're slender and lightweight - the perfect combination for popping them in your bag to use when dining and on the go. There are no longer any excuses to suck on plastic.



10: Moon Art Flower Card Deck, The Moon Journal, £30

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Something extraordinary that doesn't typically make this type of list, but certainly deserves mention. A beautifully illustrated deck of moon cards for magic and nature lovers. For anyone plastic-conscious, but looking to treat a friend (or even themselves), The Moon Journal is the place to go. Like the idea of maximising your wellness and prosperity?  Enjoy a spot of mindfulness? These charismatic cards help you discover the magic of the moon for guidance and positivism. The set comes with 8 stunning cards, a mini guide, inspiring bookmark and moon print, all cuddled together in a cotton bag. No plastics and all items are made in the UK.