A Month in Food: November
Oumph Food.jpg

I have been quite busy of late so cooking long and complicated dishes that require 500 ingredients has not really been an option. Or a desire. But I still like to eat healthy, delicious food packed with flavour and if I can make it in 10 minutes, even better. So this month for me is all about mouthwatering, convenient foods that are versatile and are also good for you. Thankfully these days that are many products on the market for vegans, with more coming out all the time. One of the newest, Oumph! really caught my eye (and my stomach). Find out why...

I first came across Oumph! at the Just V Show in July. Chefs were doing demonstrations and giving out samples of these soy based chicken style strips, and not one to ever shy away from trying anything new, I happily scoffed away. I really, really liked it immediately. Everything about this product is satisfying: the flavour (four of them in fact: Pulled, Thyme and Garlic, Kebab Spiced and The Chunk, i.e. plain to you and I), its meaty texture, versatility and the fact that it's rather healthy and contains very few ingredients. Oumph! is easy to cook, just like you would seitan, Quorn or tofu. However, unlike seitan or tofu, this I can cook for my omnivore friends and they'll actually eat it. Oumph! launched nationwide in Whole Foods in September.

When I was a vegetarian (yes, we've all been there) I'd regularly buy Quorn. I loved the taste, its versatility and convenience so I was delighted when the brand brought out their vegan range. Little by little, more and more Quorn products are getting veganized and some of their latest additions such as the BBQ Strips and the Burgers really hit the spot. The Strips are packed full of flavour so you can make a tasty meal without faffing with herbs and spices and the burgers are really satisfying, served with a big salad or chips. 

Compared to meat, the taste of fish has been veganized only fairly recently and there is not quite as much choice as there is with vegan meats. Fish fingers really evoke childhood (or hangover...) memories for many and these by VBites taste like the real thing. The Fishless Steaks in the same range are also really good. Serve with vegan tartar sauce, new potatoes and mushy peas of course.

If you are not a fan of seitan, tofu or soy, Gosh! does the perfect vegan sausages for you, using vegetables, rice, pulses and spices. As I've been very busy lately with a house move, travelling and of course, launching an online magazine, these have come in handy. They cook in minutes, are flavoursome and go well with all kinds of vegetables. They come in several flavours but my favourite are the sweet potato and black bean ones.The brand also do burgers, bites and bakes. 

Packed with flavour and easy to cook, these Heck vegetable, herb, rice and pulses balls work well in a light lunch or served as a snack with a glass of wine.

I follow mostly a low carb diet and avoid starchy pasta but I do miss it sometimes and these soybean noodles do the trick when those cravings rear their head. Cook it exactly like you would pasta and serve with any sauce of your choice. These gluten-free noodles have a soy taste, but take on any flavour. 

I'm dark chocolate fiend, always have been. The darker, the happier I am. Montezuma's Absolute Black is 100% cocoa, which already tells you that this bad boy is intense and quite bitter. With less than 8% sugar for 100gr, this is a pure chocolate that works well in a ganache, sauce, Mexican mole and to make a rich, intense cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm and cosy this November. Add sweetener of your choice.

Giving a box of chocolate to somebody can be a little uninspired, but not to a vegan! We are always on a quest for delicious chocolate and this selection makes a great gift or a delicious treat for yourself. 

I love a herbal tea in the colder months and it makes a great substitute for coffee (and red wine). I love having a cup on the go as I'm working or watching a film and I like to mix it up; turmeric one day, mint another... Pukka do a great selection of teas for all tastes and needs, to keep you warm and cosy this November.