A Month in Food: May
may food v2 cropped.jpg

Spring has officially sprung and while we have been juggling bouts of cold with glimpses of Summer it feels like the warm days are here to stay (for a while at least). Our food journey has been nothing if not eclectic this month with snacks, soups and drinks up for review concluding in eating vegan ricotta and chorizo slices to eat alfresco with a chilled glass of white wine. Happy days indeed!

Hippies Chickpea Puffs

Looking for a new go to snack? These chickpea puffs are the perfect crisp alternative with a selection of super flavours like Cheese & Love, Far Out Fajita, In Herbs We Trust and Sweet & Smokin' there is something for everyone. The look and texture of these puffs is akin to cheezy wottsits and they are totally delicious and a little too more-ish.... they can be found at local health food shops or ordered from Ocado. £0.99

Spread it on toast, use it in a sauce or add it to a smoothie or a cake for extra flavour and protein. This coconut and almond butter is as versatile as it's delicious, with a good nutty taste and a slight sweetness thanks to the added agave syrup. If you are avoiding any kind of sugar, try the plain almond or peanut butter instead. £3.75

Oh the irony is not lost on me that it's May and I'm telling you to drink hot soup. But what's the point of being in denial? As I write this, it's 9 degrees outside and I am warming up with a delicious cup of Itsu Miso' Easy with chilli for an extra kick. It takes seconds to make, simply pour the content of the pouch in a bowl and add hot water. For a more substantial lunch, I like the addition of oven baked tofu and vegetables. Healthy and delicious, it comes in plain and chilli flavour. £2 for a pack of 3

New Roots vegan cottage cheese.png

We are always on the lookout for vegan cheese and have been wanting to try New Roots for some time and we are happy to announce that their vegan ricotta cheese has finally made it into our mouths. Hooray! This Swiss based company is vegan AF and is making beautifully textured and unpasteurised cashew based cheeses that are rich with subtle layers of flavour. This ricotta alternative is very mild but, according to our onsite cheese eating expert, tastes just like the its dairy based counterpart. Available in the UK from Wholefoods and online from the New Roots' website. We strongly recommend that you get some of this on some crispbread and enjoy with a chilled glass of wine asap. £6.60

Typical May, we have gone from being cold and eating soup to high summer and needing to re-hydrate in less than a week! We all know we should drink more water, especially as the weather gets warmer but sometimes the relentless flavourlessness of good old H2O makes it all a bit dull. Enter Phrooti Water! This refreshing bottle of summer flavoured yum is a blend of spring water and just the right amount of crushed mangoes. It is fruity (as the name suggests) without being excessively sweet and is the perfect way to break up your water intake. Available form Sainsbury's it is now easy to find. Hooray! £1.

Wheaty Vegan Chorizo Slices.jpg

These chorizo slices are exactly what you need to up your vegan pizza game. From the ever inventive and totally fab German company Wheaty these new chorizo slices are spicy, chewy and full of the meaty nom nom without any of the meaty misery. Available from health food shops and online, they are possibly a little too easy to add to your weekly shop and way too easy to eat from fridge to countertop. Enjoy!  £2.80