A Month in Food: March
March Food Feast - detail.jpg

Despite a frigid few days we are celebrating spring with fun flavour shortcuts this month. As the weather gets warmer and life begins to ramp up again after the New Year lull having quick flavour options to hand for easy meals is essential.

Finding fun and tasty ready made meals that are vegan can be a tough task so I was pretty excited to come across this BBQ jackfruit in Sainsbury's. It only takes 30mins to cook and the texture is great (providing that you don't over cook it!) but it has received the supermarket treatment and there is something of the tinned spaghetti flavour about the tomato base. While this meal didn't completely float my boat it is a handy one to have in the fridge when you've got a lot on and are too/busy tired to cook.

This is a great jar of delicousness to have handy in the pantry and is super layered under melted vegan cheese on toast. The north African flavours of lemons, cumin and coriander are fresh and intense and will lend a depth and complexity to whatever dish you decide to add it to. Once you get the taste for this warming paste you will wonder how you did without it!

Bacon is thing for a lot of people. And it would seem to only second cheese in the 'why I could never be vegan' stakes (cue the epic eye roll). But I think we may have found the solution folks! This in the guise of Meetlyke's Seitan based Bacon or Speck as it is known in Germany. This salty and thick faux meat is perfect for adding a protein/flavour punch to sandwiches or quiches and is of course ideal for your Sunday morning fry up. It is thick and 'meaty' and affordable, the holy trinity of fake meat in other words. It can be purchased from various independent health food shops or ordered online.

This vegan Mozzarella is a bit of a revelation! It is rice based and pretty freakin' delicious. For those who find non-dairy cheeses a little rubbery in texture this is definitely one to try as it is soft and creamy with a pleasing subtle flavour. It melts marvelously and is perfect on pizza

I like all things smoked; smoked vegan cheese, smoked paprika and smoked oil. This extra virgin Somerset rapeseed oil can be used as an alternative to olive oil in dressings, marinades and drizzled over all things savoury. It's subtle smokey flavour adds richness and depth to recipes and is one of my new food favourites.


These chicken flavoured slices are for level 7 vegans only as they are way weird but strangely addictive. The texture of processed cheese with the flavour of processed chicken these slices may be one step too far for most. Melt the slices on toast and the grossness goes and the tasty remains. Don't try these if you are new to vegan substitutes. Do try these if you are vegan AF and can't get enough of plant-based weirdness.