A Month in Food: January

Happy New Year and welcome to Veganuary! We have been putting some great vegan foods through their paces and all of them are perfect healthy options to add to your New Year food routines. No guilty pleasures here, just easy and flavourful additions to your pantry.

Ebb Tides Seaweed Seasoning

We came across this lovely husband and wife team recently. They responsibly harvest their seaweed from the Devon coast and are passionate about marine conservation. Seaweed is a bit of a wonder food and something that humans have been eating for millennia; it is jam packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, B vitamins and iodine to name a few. Ebb Tides make a selection of fantastic seasonings in convenient shakers which makes adding this delicious salty seasoning to your food incredibly easy and staying on track with your New Year's resolution to be healthier even easier.

If you are giving Veganuary a go and are rather reliant on eggs as part of your breakfast routine this high protein seed mix is the perfect alternative. Just two tablespoons is equal to an egg in protein with none of the cholesterol or cruelty. Try sprinkling the Tumeric and Chilli flavour over avocado on toast for a totally delicious superfood start to your day.

If cutting down on fizzy drinks is one of your New Year's resolutions Kombucha is a fantastic alternative. Kombucha is a fermented drink made from green tea, raw cane sugar and special Kombucha  culture with a gentle fizz that is rich in friendly bacteria that promotes gut health.

New Year's resolutions shouldn't mean that you have to abstain from sweet treats altogether and with these incredibly rich and totally delicious nut butters from Nutural World you don't have to. The Hazelnut & Carob spread is the perfect vegan alternative to Nutella.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to reduce my reliance on caffeine and rooibos tea is a great alternative. I adore bergamot and love Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas and this Dragonfly tea is so full flavoured and rich in taste that it doesn't feel like you are choosing the 'healthy option'.