A Month in Food: April
April Food.jpeg

Spring hasn't quite sprung but we are still busy and eating our way through all the vegan offerings. This month we continue our quest for quick and easy additions to our vegan pantry. And not just for us...for our pooch too....

Upton's Naturals Bar-B-Que Jackfruit

Leading with jackfruit the second month in a row. This Bar-B-Que Jackfruit from Upton's is the higher end answer to last month's Sainsbury's jackfruit. It's tangy in all the right ways and full of flavour with a totally satisfying texture. Upton's do a variety of  different Jackfruit flavours as well as different Seitans but not all of these appear to be available in the UK. Have a chat with your local health food shop to find out what they can order in for you and then stockpile them in your pantry if you don't want to compromise on quality should the zombie apocalypse occur.



Taifun Curcuma Tofu

 I've been a fan of Taifun's tofu for a long time, especially their olive and smoked ones, so I was delighted to discover this new curcuma spiced tofu. Infused with turmeric and black cumin seeds this little block packs a warming punch that is perfect for adding Indian inspired flavours to a dish or an additional layer of taste to a curry. I fried mine up and added it to a red lentil and coconut stew and it was delicious.


Mr Lee's Noodles

 - Dragon Fire Vegetable

Finding vegan meals while on the go can still be a tricky business and when your week goes south and you failed to pack a lunch you need something easy in you desk drawer to save the day. But what could this thing be? The answer is here in the guise of Mr Lee's Dragon Fire Vegetable noodle pot. This healthy pot noodle only needs boiling water to transform it into a tasty and warming meal which will go some way towards getting your day back on track. This fine tasting little fella is also totally gluten free so is a win for everyone! Mr Lee's also does another vegan noodle pot called Zen Garde Vegetables but I found this one a little bland although a dash of soy sauce and a drizzle of chili oil sorted that out quick smart.

£17.94 for pack of  6

Ajar Of - Vegan Sea-Salted Caramel Sauce

As you know by now I am a little obsessed with salted caramel in things so you can imagine my excitement when my friend gave me a jar of the stuff! I have been having a great time drizzling this stuff  all over ice cream, pancakes, meringues and even toast. It has quite a coconutty flavour and you have to search for the salty kick but it's still damn delicious and rather addictive.

£3.25 a jar

Grace's Vegan Pantry - Toffee Sauce

If toffee is more your thing than salted caramel then (you are dead to me) this toffee spread is probably the guilty indulgence for you. Thick and spreadable this is perfect for smearing all over things and then finding more things to put it on. With only four ingredients this toffee sauce is free from nasties which is reason enough to buy it and eat it ALL.

£.50 a jar

Fairfields - Lentil Bites.jpeg

Fairfields Farm - Tomato & Herb Lentil Bites

I love a crisp and I particularly love them when made from a potato alternative. These lentil bites are the perfect snack, heavy on the flavour front and easy on the calories. I thought the Jalapeno & Lime would be the flavour combo for me but... the Tomato & Herb is so intensely tomato-y and herb-y it was a little like eating concentrated pasta sauce and it tricks your brain into thinking you've had a meal but in a good way, not a gross way. These crispy little fellows are also gluten free so hooray!

£13 for box of 20 or varying individually from healthfood shops

Pooch & Mutt Peanut Butter Vegan Treats.jpg

These treats for dogs may be labelled vegetarian but containing only oats, rice, peanut butter, and yeast extract, they are in fact vegan. Packed with goodness, they are a healthier option compared to many dog snacks on the market, and you'll give your hound a break from meat too. £15.99 for 6x125gr pack