Vegan Easter Eggs For All Tastes and Pockets
Easter eggs.jpg

For the Connoisseur: Chococo Madagascar Mega Dark

This single origin low sugar faceted dark chocolate egg is a thing of great beauty. Made in small batches by a husband and wife team in Dorset this egg is all about showcasing the singular flavours of this Madagascan bean. It is fruity and full and the taste evolves and stays on your tongue in a really exciting way. This is for those who like to talk about flavour notes, geek out on production methods and care deeply about the personal touch from harvest to packing. If you love chocolate and coffee equally as I do Chococo also do a fabulous looking dark chocolate egg with chocolate coffee beans inside (£15) or for someone who appreciates a splash of colour have a look at the sumptuous dark chocolate seaside egg (£12). £18

For the 'Milk' Chocolate Lovers: Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Pack of Buttons 

These fun and affordable eggs are perfect for kids and those who like the milk chocolate experience. They can be found in most supermarkets and come in a delicious selection of flavours including chocolate orange and chocolate bunnycomb (one of my favourites). They also include chocolate drops which are a fun added bonus. £4.59

For the Indulgent Palate: Booja Booja Easter Egg Large

We all love Booja Booja truffles and Easter is the perfect excuse to treat yourself (or someone that you like a lot) to one of their beautifully decorated Papier Mache eggs filled with their ever popular and totally scrumptious truffles. These decorative shells are made by Kashiri artists and make a lovely keepsake. The shells come in either small (housing three truffles) or large (housing 12 truffles) and are available in Almond & Sea Salt (mega favourite), Fine de Champagne (super boozy and indulgent), Hazelnut Crunch (smooth, nutty and a new favourite) and Midnight Espresso (total adult classic). £24.99

This is hands down the most spectacular looking of the Easter eggs we reviewed! It is an absolute showstopper and perfect to bring out to wow guests after a slap up Easter meal. In a very Italian tradition it looks phenomenal and harbours a little surprise inside (ours had a children's mobile phone case). The only downside is that the incredible look relies on some rather heavy plastic which could be replaced with more eco-friendly cardboard. The chocolate is good quality with a characterful flavour and a very smooth finish that will be loved by those who prefer milk chocolate with a little extra depth. This family run Italian company also have a lovely vegan Easter hamper which would make a great gift for the foodie in your life. £10.99

Little Vegan Bakery Creme Egg.jpg

For the Nostalgic One: The Little Vegan Bakery Creme Egg

These little eggs are delightful and a lovely walk down memory lane for those of us that grew up eating Cream Eggs at Easter. They can be found at vegan retailers throughout the country (we bought ours from Cariad Wholefoods in Dorset). The chocolate is milky, sweet and smooth and the 'eggy' fondant centre is creamy and sickly (as you would expect) although a little firmer than the traditional filling. These little eggs in our view are just as much fun as the original and it is great to support a small vegan business creating high quality and cruelty free alternatives to the foods so many of us miss. £1.60