Brew Can Do It: Vegan Friendly Beer and Cider for Hot Summer Days

These long hot days call for a cold beer or cider at the end of them and I have never found myself wanting to crack a bottle open more than I have after these wonderful weeks of relentless sunshine... But it is not always easy to know which of these refreshing beverages are vegan-friendly with alcohol labeling still being a murky area so here are our some of our favourites. 

Brewdog punk IPA - vegan beer sq.jpg

One of my all time favourite bottles of beer, Punk IPA is full flavoured and fruity as well as crisp and refreshing on a hot day and the perfect companion to a very dirty vegan burger £1.80 per bottle. Buy now.

BlueMoon-BelgianWhite sq.png

There is no beer that I crave more on a hot sunny day! This white beer is as fresh and crisp as they come with lots of citrusy tones. It is bright and light and totally delicious. Perfect for pairing with summer salads and roast veg.  £1.75 per bottle. Buy now.

Meantime Chocolate Porter vegan beer.jpg

This beer will blow your mind because on paper it sounds mad. Chocolate beer? Really? It is hands down a total taste sensation and manages to walk the line of being very chocolatey and beery as well as totally refreshing. This is like having a dessert and beer in one so for those of you trying to decide on what to have for afters, problem solved! £1.90 per bottle. Buy now.

Beavertwon_Black_Betty_Vegan IPA.jpg

For those of you looking from something that is seriously punchy, look no further. The London-based Beavertown are renowned for their flavourful brews and Black Betty definitely delivers with heavy malts, big burnt notes and spicy undertones. This beer is as full on psychedelic in taste as its packaging. £2.70 per can. Buy now.


Low Alcohol and Alcohol Free

St. Peters Without Organic, vegan Alcohol Free Beer.jpg

This Suffolk-brewed organic alcohol free beer is light golden in colour and flavour. It may be a little too light tasting for many but its lightness works in its favour if you are looking for an adult drink that is totally refreshing and free from alcohol. Perfect as a lunchtime refresher if you want to feel a bit naughty without actually being bad. £15 for 8x bottles. Buy now.

Brewdog nanny state - vegan beer.JPG

Being the designated driver just got less lame thanks to this beer which is so full of flavour you will totally forget it is low alcohol. Lighter in taste than the Punk IPA but still with layers of flavour and malty notes this beer is bold enough to pair with whatever you are throwing on the BBQ.  £1.40 per bottle. Buy now


perrys dabinett vegan cider

I live in the West Country where cider is king and this cider must be the king of ciders because it is that good. With all the depth and flavour of a scrumpy and none of the face twisting heaviness, this lightly sparkling medium cider will convert even the most sceptical of cider drinkers to our West Country ways. £2.60 per bottle. Buy now.

Westons-Shop-Images-Old-Rosie-500ml sq.jpg

Old Rosie- The Original Cider

This traditional cloudy cider is light and crisp with a strong apple flavour finish.  £24.50 for 12x bottles. Buy now.

Aspall Suffolk Cyder Organic-500ml-Bottle sq.jpg

Aspall have been at the heart of organic farming since the 40s and were the first farm to hold Soil Association accreditation. Perhaps better known these days for their vinegars, Aspall have been making cider since the 18th century and it shows in this accomplished bottle. The flavour is strong apple, clean, complex and gently sparkling. It is relatively dry and very drinkable.  £2.76 per bottle. Buy now.