Taste Test: The Best Vegan Steaks

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it! We munched our way through lots of vegan steaks to find the most delicious ones. Which is the meatiest? Which the most tender? And which one is packed with flavour? Let the countdown begin!

Sojade Grilled Seitan Steak.jpg

Sojade's seitan steak is nice and filling but compared to others we've tested it's a little on the bland side and a little tough. Sojade's Burgers with Vegetables are better and whilst called burgers, they could easily pass for steaks. £3.25 for a pack of two.

We like it because: Filling and can work well marinated.


Wheaty Virginia Steak.jpg

Tender, full of flavour with a peppery kick, without being hot.

We like it because: Great taste and tender, slightly chewy texture. It's very versatile and is good with chips or in a sandwich. £4.05 for a pack of 2.



It looks like a steak and has a chewy texture. Full of flavour, Sgaia Mheat is for those vegans who miss beef. £3.90 for one.

We like it because: Great taste and texture, filling and satisfying. 

Dennree Seitan Steak.jpg

2 - Dennree Marinated Seitan Steak

Unfortunately this is not available in the UK yet. We bought it in German supermarket Veganz in Berlin, but we had to include it because it's delicious and because we hope it'll soon be sold here too. Tender, flavoursome and satisfying, this steak, marinated with soy and ginger, is simply delicious and one of the best we've tried.

We like it because: Everything about this vegan steak is spot on, from the flavour to the texture. A real winner.


We need to start by saying that these steaks are not hot at all, they are however flavoured with red pepper, tomato paste and onion, which gives them a delicious spicy flavour. The texture is spot on, very meaty, tender and satisfying. It's extremely versatile and can be served with a side of chips or vegetables or in a sandwich. A vegan steak for those who miss meat. £3.75 for a pack of two.

We like it because: delicious flavour, spot on texture and can be served in lots of different ways.