Christmas Vegan Food and Drink

I am obsessed with Christmas. I love everything about it: the scent, the food, the togetherness, the tree and its sparkling decorations, giving and receiving gifts and even the weather!

This year I’m hosting Christmas for six people (plus another 6 coming and going during Christmas and Boxing Day), out of which four are not vegan. Thankfully they are easy-going and happy to try foods they wouldn’t normally eat as anything non vegan is positively verboten in my household. Sure I’ll make a few things from scratch, but trust me, you won’t find me stressed out and panicking the night before trying to nail Italian panettone. So here’s a selection of foods and drinks that I think are a must have at the Christmas table, and some that perhaps you wouldn’t associate with the holidays, but you know that everybody will enjoy. Bottoms up and merry Christmas!

ENF Spr_Wheat_Bread_GINGER.jpg

Toast doesn’t get more Christmassy than this! Everfresh Sprouted Wheat Bread with Stem Ginger

Low in fat, no added sugar, yeast or preservatives, this bread is healthy and delicious. The addition of stem ginger makes it fragrant and packed with Christmas flavours. Add vegan butter and marmalade and enjoy the Yule breakfast of champions! £2 for a loaf

Pancakes side on white.jpg

Indulgent yet HealthyVegan Pancakes: Sweetpea Pantry Buckwheat and Flax Pancake Mix

Start Christmas day with a filling, delicious and healthy pancake stack. These by Sweetpea Pantry are easy to make, full of fibre and gluten free. Add jam, vegan butter, vegan honey or go the full hog and smother them in melted chocolate and nuts. £2.75


Fry's Family Foods Butternut Balls (2).jpg

The perfect Christmas starter with no fuss: Fry’s Artisan Chickpea and Roasted Butternut Balls

It’s good to cook a few things from scratch on Christmas day but when something is as delicious as these balls, buy then pre-made! You can make your own dipping sauce and nobody will know. £2.75

Quorn Cracking Cranberry Balls.jpg

Just launched for Christmas, Quorn’s Vegan Cracking Cranberry Balls are made with quorn, dried cranberry pieces, sage and black pepper and are perfect to serve as a nibble, starter or as a side with your main. £2.50

Fry's Family Foods Sausage Rolls.png

Cut this into bite sizes and serve them with a glass of bubbly. £1

BEPPS Black Bean Puffs.jpg

Black-Eyed Crisps! Bepps Black Bean Puffs

Delicious as a nibble and they come in lots of flavours including vegan cheese. These gluten-free treats are lovely with a glass of bubbly. Get a taster box for £3.60 or a 24 pack box of your favourite flavour for £23.76.

Lunch and Dinner

1 Nut Roast.png

A Vegan Christmas Classic: Artisan Grains Nut Roast

There are so many good nut roasts on the market, if you don’t have time, you really needn’t make your own. This, with cashews and cranberry, is a perfect main course. Serve with vegetables and all the vegan trimmings. £2.99

Fry's Family Foods Country Roast.png

If you want to try something different from a nut roast this year, give this soy and quinoa loaf a go. Packed with lots of flavours including rosemary, parsley, tomato and marjoram, this roast will be loved by all. £4.40

Vegan Christmas dinner box.jpg

All You Need in One Box: Riverford Vegan Christmas Dinner Box

If you are short of time and short of guests this year, this Christmas Dinner Box from Riverford Organic Farmers serves 2-3 and it has everything you need: nut roast, fresh cranberry sauce, savoury gravy with red miso, 6 mince pies, a traditional Christmas pudding, and even clementines. £45.95

Cranberry Sauce.png

It wouldn’t be Christmas without: Roots & Wings Cranberry Sauce

Because it’s not Christmas if there’s no cranberry sauce on the table. £2.99

Pudding and Sweets


Gone are the days when vegans had to go without Christmas cake. £35

Lilly Vegan Christmas Pudding.jpg

And for Pudding…LillyPuds Christmas Pudding

Delicious, vegan, and gluten-free. £12.49

Organic Prosecco & Vegan Panettone Gift Box.jpg

Italian panettone is delicious and lighter than Christmas cake and pudding, so it’s no wonder it’s become so popular. Get this box which comes with a bottle of vegan Prosecco - perfect for toasting! £55

Vegan Mince Pies.png

Christmas in a bite. £3

Provamel Custard.jpg

The Perfect Pudding Accompaniment: Provamel Vegan Custard

Serve with Christmas cake, pudding, panettone and mince pies. £1.45

2 Mincemeat.png

Why not make your own mince pies? It’s easy, fun and this mincemeat is delish! £2.59


You Have to Have Chocolate: Ombar Chocolate Bars

Forget those non vegan, sugary, fatty milk chocolate coins and sink your teeth into these delicious organic, fairtrade and raw Ombar chocolate bars, which come in ‘mylk’, coconut, 72% and 90% cacao. £8.99


These packets of chocolate snaps are not only delicious but they are perfect for guests to pick at. Use as a garnish for pudding, serve with a glass of something strong or leave on the coffee table so guests can help themselves. Try the frankly moorish Coconut & Lucuma and the Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt. Those watching their sugar intake will be over the moon too as Doisy & Dam’s dark chocolate has fewer grams of the white stuff compared to most brands. A win win. £2.75 per 100g pack.

British Library Vegan Vanilla Fudge.jpg

Sweets for Guests to pick at: British Library Vegan Vanilla Fudge

Break this block of delicious vegan vanilla fudge into pieces and put them in bowls, so that your guests can help themselves when they feel like something sweet. £3.50


Macadamia Truffle Vegan Cheese.jpg

This cheese, full of truffle earthiness, is so good, you won’t want to share it with your guests. £11.95

Mouse's Favourite Camembert_vegan_cheese.jpg

It Could Be French: Mouse’s Favourite Camembert

This camembert is so similar in taste and texture to the non vegan variety your non vegan friends won’t be able to tell. £7.99

Nush Vegan Almond Cheese.jpg

Spread the Love: Nush Almond Milk Cheese

This spreadable vegan cheese made from almond milk is just delicious. Serve with biscuits, nuts, herbs and a chutney. £3.50

Brindisa Olive Oil and Rosemary cheese biscuits.jpg

Great, refined, full of flavour biscuits for cheese. £2.96


Marques De Caceres Rioja.jpg

Tis the Season to be Merry: Marqués de Cáceres Wine

This elegant, spicy, full bodied Rioja goes beautifully with a hearty Christmas meal. If you like reds, Spanish winemakers Marqués de Cáceres also do a Gran Reserva; whilst white wine lovers will appreciate their Verdejo or the Blanco. Rose’ lovers are not forgotten either with their Rosado Rose’ Wine. From £8.49

Proudly Vegan White Wine.jpg

Proudly Vegan do a very quaffable selection of vegan wines, such as this Sauvignon Blanc from Chile or for reds, try Proudly Vegan Merlot 2016, from Valle Central, Chile. £6.99

Asti Spumante.jpg

Time for a Toast: Asti Spumante

Serve this bubbly with nibbles or even better, pudding. £5.29

La Gioiosa Prosecco.jpg

Everyone’s Favourite: La Gioiosa Prosecco

Everybody loves prosecco as it’s delicious, versatile and very easy to drink. This is perfect to welcome your guests and serve with nibbles. £8

Equinox Key 5 star images 07.jpg

Kombucha is great for your gut health and it’s pretty darn tasty too. Equinox have several flavours, from original to ginger, raspberry and elderflower, wild berry and pink grapefruit and guava. From £9.99 for a pack of 5 bottles.