Delicious Autumn/Winter Vegan Recipes from Around the Web
Image courtesy of Simple Vegan Blog

Image courtesy of Simple Vegan Blog

It is World Vegan Month and we are taking food inspiration from some of our favourite vegan blogs from around the web.

Simple Vegan Blog

We love this blog. It is beautifully styled and the recipes are accessible and easy to follow. This Spanish pumpkin and chickpea stew recipe is delicious and perfect for the autumn with warming spices and seasonal ingredients.

Recipe: Spanish pumpkin and chickpea stew


The Viet Vegan

Lisa's blog, the Viet Vegan, is delightfully personal, full of details about her life and the people in it. Each recipe is also a diary entry and her chatty narration is addictive especially paired with her easy to follow veganised Vietnamese inspired recipes. This recipe requires a few ingredients from the Korean or Vietnamese supermarket such as spicy gochujang which is a kind of hot sauce (you could sub this out with another hot sauce) and red curry paste as well as fried tofu but it is definitely worth the extra effort. It is essentially her take on Pot Noodle and is the best kind of comfort food for a chilly November evening!

Recipe: Vegan Cheese Curry Ramen


Post Punk Kitchen now

No round up would be complete without a little something from the Post Punk Kitchen! The old familiar blog space is being overhauled and migrating to and is full incredible recipes, hilarious videos and general vegan joy. I love this Brussel sprout fried rice primarily because I love Brussel sprouts and think they are massively underutilized as an ingredient. This recipe is hearty, delicious and easy to make and is perfect as a mid-week meal.

Recipe: Brussel Sprout Fried Rice


Wallflower Kitchen

Is there any finer meal on a cold November night than vegan bangers and mash? Wallflower Kitchen's recipe for Irish Calcannon brings some seasonal greens into the  mix for a creamy and hearty mashed potato that ticks all of the boxes. Wallflower Kitchen has a great variety of recipes of varying complexity, all beautifully photographed and I have lost hours of my life food day dreaming on this site.

Recipe: Calcannon