No Planet B Festival: The Zero Waste Vegan Festival Comes to London This August

Taking place at Roof Studios at Siobhan Davies Studios in Elephant Castle, London, No Planet B Festival is a zero waste, vegan evening of talks, performances, food and stalls selling ethical goods.
The one night festival is dedicated ethical living, minimising consumerism, waste and damage to the planet.
Co-founded by Maudie Johnson and Christopher Bush, this London event is the precursor to the 2019 No Planet B Festival, which will take place next summer in an undisclosed spot in the English countryside. 

We've caught up with Maudie and Chris to find out more about UK's first zero waste and vegan festival.


This is the first zero waste, eco festival in the UK. How did the idea come about?

After having a baby and becoming more aware of our impact on the environment I searched for inspiration online. I was so inspired and wanted to create a place to bring like-minded people together in person to connect and help to grow sustainable living. 

It can be hard to really connect with like-minded people in cities and that’s why before our official weekend festival in summer 2019, we are launching monthly nights in Central London, Brighton and Bristol to show our full-on commitment to creating community hubs and pairing serious environmental action with top tier fun.


What can punters expect?

To kick off our city based events, we are starting with London on August 14th, held within the beautiful Roof Studios at Siobhan Davies Studios. No Planet B London Edition will host talks and panels from wildly influential health & environmental voices; including fitness giant Zanna Van Dijk, vegan food virtuoso Max La Manna, zero waste expert, Laura from (London zero vegan waste store) Hetu, as well as music from Ben Hills (from  Britain’s Got Talent) and George Landy (Hippies Record Label).

Guests can also relish delights such as sweet Potato, aubergine and butter bean curry, raw rainbow salad with golden basmati rice and mango lassi cheesecake from vegan Indian fusion experts, En Root.

For our Summer 2019 Festival, we will have created the perfect community of ambassadors and musicians fully geared up to further share their expertise and talents over a two day, two night eco‐friendly festival extravaganza, an event full of live music, talks, workshops and a range of activities from Yoga experts, Pilates and Vegan Cross Fit legends.


Do you think we will see more of these types of events? 

Absolutely. There is a growing demand for them. Like with all things, change takes time, but we are moving in the right direction. The planet needs us to step up and that’s why we are creating fun events that inspire and educate. 


Aside from generating income from selling tickets, have you secured funds from elsewhere too, or invested your own money into these events?

We want to grow the festival organically rather than throw money at it. This is why we are launching the main two day, two night weekend festival in summer 2019 to further build our wonderful community and truly be the most exciting addition to the UK’s festival scene.

We were pushing for the main festival to launch this year to test the market and get out there. However, we feel launching monthly events will propel us into an even stronger position in 2019.

We  sold over 60% of ticket capacity within three days of putting them on sale (for the London event)! This shows there is a huge demand in cities for No Planet B, and we are on a mission to make our events accessible for everyone with plans to expand into other UK based cities from September 2018.

How can people minimise waste both at the festival and at home?

There are some really simple lifestyle swaps you can get into that include taking your own reusable bags shopping, a reusable water container out with you everywhere along with a hot cup for coffee and of course eating essentials such as your own cutlery.

These sound like small changes, but if everyone implemented them on a daily basis on a global scale, the positive environmental impact would be huge! Significantly helping to eradicate single use virgin plastics going to landfill. Landfills create water and air pollution, and are a breeding ground for deadly insects and pests. We need to take action on a global scale and also in our everyday lives to reduce climate change! Just to be clear the term zero waste means nothing going into landfill.

Research now suggests all plastic packaging is only used once! We need to get back to basics and cut out this unnecessary waste. And that’s why we putting the responsibility on all attendees at the festival to bring their own stainless steel water bottles, food containers, cutlery, coffee cups, and a metal straw. If they don’t have their own, they can either purchase a No Planet B Festival Zero Waste starter kit as a ticket add on or purchase on site.

The vendors will be weighing the food instead of using disposable containers to measure portions and the guests will wash up their kits after use. We feel very strongly about this and we have to ensure we implement these requirements to save our planet and the diminishing marine life.

Further actions that we will be implementing are employing NPB teams to help attendees pack up their tents, so none are left on site and sent to the landfill. Transportation is also a primary source of greenhouse gas emissions and we are encouraging all attendees to book into our group travel scheme to help keep emissions as low as possible.

No Plan B Festival takes place at Roof Studios at Siobhan Davies Studios, 85 St George's Road
London, SE1 6ER on 14 August, from 6.30pm 10.30pm. Tickets can be purchased here

The luxe ticket bundles include goodie bags worth £45 containing glowing H20 Tan Drops from James Read, ethical soaps and a sample of Atlantic Kelp & Microalgae Oil from eco-conscious beauty giants, REN.