The New Golden Age: The Rise of Ethical Jewellery

It's not just the demand for ethically produced food and fashion that's been increasing, fairtrade and ethical jewellery too is on the rise. From fairtrade metals, fairmined, recycled and upcycled gemstones, to working with local communities and cooperatives, paying fair prices and salaries and giving a percentage of profits to charities, many brands are changing the landscape of the jewellery world. When you purchase your next ring, bracelet, necklace, brooch, or pair of earrings, don't be afraid to ask questions; where was the metal sourced from? Have the diamonds, or other gemstones, been fairly mined? Where do they come from? What are the workers' conditions? Are they paid an adequate salary? Are there safety measures in their workplace? It's your right to know what your money is funding, and buying an ethical jewellery piece, will not just make you feel beautiful and special on the outside, but also on the inside. 

Made Diamonds TheAugusta2.jpg

Round, brilliant cut ethically sourced diamond and a solid and bold band. From £1,025

LILA'S Josephine Ring with recycled diamond, sapphires, green enamel and Fairtrade gold £2,650 (2).jpg

With white gold, recycled diamond, enamel and sapphires. £2650 

Natalie Perry, Floral Fragments, Lace Flower Earrings, £2,950 (1).jpg

Made with 18ct fairtrade gold and diamonds.  £2,885


Necklace made with silver. €2,550

Mantra Bee studs.jpg

Sterling silver. £20

LILA'S Victorian coiled snake pendant with ruby and diamonds £1620.00 - Copy.jpg

18ct gold, this Victorian pendant was made in the 1870s and features a cushion cut ruby and rose cut diamonds. £1620

Eden Diodati Warrior Earrings.jpg

Made in Italy with 24ct gold plating and decorated in Swarovski crystals beaded by a cooperative of Rwandan women who survived the genocide. £330

Clogau Windsor Wedding Ring £620.jpg

With Welsh white gold.£490

lila's fairtrade gold and recycled diamond ring.jpeg

Lila's own design with recycled gemstones. Fairtrade white gold,diamonds and round cabochon sapphires. £2850

Mantra Owl Necklace.jpg

Sterling silver. £15


Made with fairmined silver. €95 Euros

Alex Dove Scottie-Dog-Cufflinks.jpg

Polished silver. £125

Clogau Dwynwen Opal Pendant.jpg

Welsh rose gold and silver pendant with opal and silver chain. £139