Most Stylish Vegan Coats and Jackets for Autumn/Winter

When it comes to fashion, I have to say that the thing I struggle with the most as a vegan is buying coats and jackets. Whilst it's easy to find faux leather, wool seems to be in every winter coat. Sure I want to keep warm during the cold season, but if I want wool, I'll cuddle a lamb. Although we still have a long way to go, especially when it comes to long, classic coats, fashion brands are becoming more switched on to the needs of those living a cruelty-free life and there are now many gorgeous coats and jackets for autumn and winter on the market that use non animal fibres. Here's our edit of the best in the shops and online for this season.

Made with elastane, polyester, viscose, faux fur pile and acrylic, this is an elegant coat that works well on a fancy night out or to jazz up a simple, casual outfit

This stylish jacket is made in polyester, elastane and viscose and it's perfect for mild autumn days

This gorgeous New York City based brand is 100% vegan and utilises Primaloft Eco to insulate their coats, to keep you warm and toasty all winter

This practical parka is ideal for everyday wear and is 100% polyester

I'm a sucker for a good biker jacket and this one by Warehouse made with polyester and viscose, is one of the coolest around this season

This casual, warm quilted jacket is ideal to wear during the day and for going on beautiful autumnal walks. Made with faux fur, polyester and acrylic

Stradivarius Long hooded anorak with pockets £59.99.jpg

Stradivarius Women Long Hooded Anorak £59.99

This 100% polyester anorak will keep you warm and dry

The perfect winter jacket to keep you warm and cool at the same time...

A classic biker jacket made with 100% Polyurethane

New Look Men Puffer Jacket £39.99

This classic puffer jacket is made with nylon, polyester and elastane. Not a feather in sight!

This unisex peacoat is a classic and a wardrobe staple. It comes in a variety of colours and never goes out of fashion

Perfect for mild autumn days, this elegant and trendy jacket works well with trousers and dresses