Vegan Breakfast on the Go: Smoothies, Nuts, Protein Bars, Dried Fruit and More

Being vegan is thankfully becoming increasingly easier but at  times it's still difficult to find something to grab on the go. Whilst vegan sandwiches and salads are easy to find in shops and cafes, finding something to snack on for breakfast on the go is another thing entirely. For years my go to food was nuts. They taste delicious, are nutritious, affordable and you can find them pretty much anywhere. However, there are only so many years I can have a nut breakfast, after a while it gets a little boring. Sure, many times I jazzed things up with the addition of vegan, low sugar dark chocolate or a piece of fruit, but three foods to choose from is not exactly variety, let's face it.

Thankfully more and more foods that can be conveniently eaten on the go are coming out. 
I've recently discovered Squirrel Sisters raw energy bars. Made with fruit and nuts, these delicious snacks don't contain refined sugar and come in four delicious flavours: cocoa brownie, coconut cashew, cocoa orange and raspberry ripple. They are stocked in Boots, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Holland and Barrett so they are really easy to get hold of. They are a brilliant snack to have on the go.

Huel has been a popular meal replacement/snack on the go and the brand has recently launched the Huel Coffee Powder, coffee and breakfast in one. Made from real coffee and based on the Vanilla Huel with the addition of oats, pea protein, flaxseeds, MCT powder from coconut and sunflower oil powder, this is a good way to wake up and fill up in one go. Huel also makes bars, granola and other flavoured powders if coffee is not your thing.

Abakus Foods do some great snacks too. Their range is based on jujube, a type of Chinese date, and hickory nuts. Their products include dried jujube, stuffed jujube with walnuts, cashews and almonds, jujube crisps (my favourite), jujube granules and sprinkles and hickory nuts, a nutrient packed nut from the hickory tree that tastes and looks a little like pecans. Abakus Foods are stocked in Ocado, Whole Foods, Budgens, Avoca, Grape Tree, and Revital.

I'm a coffee lover and adore the iced variety. Instead of buying an expensive one in a coffee shop, I often pop an oat milk Jimmy's Iced Coffee Dairy Free in my bag and drink it during my commute. 

During the day I like to drink green tea, in particular Matcha tea. Vivid Matcha comes in both larger bags and individually packed sachet, so it's great to carry in your bag and just add hot water whenever you feel like having tea. It can also be used in smoothies, vegan yogurt, and sprinkled on cereals.


While there are a plethora of vitamin and supplement-rich fruit smoothies on the market a complete vegan-friendly breakfast smoothie has been hard to find. That is until now! Riise are the new kid on the breakfast block and we are glad to see them! They promise all the goodness of a bowl of porridge in a bottle with each serving containing 10g protein sourced from oats and activated almonds. I tried each of the three available flavours, apple pii, blueberri & nordic berii, and loved them all; although some may find the slightly textured consitency off-putting we think that most will welcome this quick and convenient breakfast solution to their routine. I know that I will!


Another great addition to our breakfast on the go offer are Boundless Activated Nuts & Seeds. These sachets of intense flavour are perfect for popping in your bag and munching on the go between meetings. With two savoury options, cayenne & rosemary and tamari & aleppo, Boundless are a good alternative for those that don't have much in the way of a sweet tooth (although they also come in Orange, Ginger & Maple flavour if you do need a sweet pick me up). For those of you wondering about the 'activated' nut and seed scene, it simply means that they are soaked prior to roasting which releases natural enzymes and aids digestion.