Bathing Beauty: Gorgeous Vegan Body Care Products

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Showers are for energising, baths for relaxing. On a daily basis, I'm more of a shower person, but when it comes to me time, then nothing beats a long bath. In both cases I like products that are kind to the skin, kind to the earth, make you feel fabulous and smell divine. And of course they must be vegan and cruelty free, but we are at Ethica Magazine, and that goes without saying. The triad for a good bathing experience, in my book, goes like this: body wash, moisturising but equally hardworking exfoliants and of course an excellent, skin quenching hydrating body cream. Added extras: bath salts and foot cream. These are some of my favourites to get you ready in the morning or unwind you at night.



Dr Bronner Shower Gel.jpg


Beauty brand Urban Veda utilises the principles of Ayurveda and applies it to our times, using natural botanicals that are beneficial to the skin and the senses. They certainly hit the nail on the head with their Body Wash collection, which comes in four varieties: Purifying, Reviving, Soothing and Radiance (£12.99) my favourite this time of the year for its well balanced scent of spicy, zingy turmeric balanced with bittersweet liquorice. It creates just enough foam for a relaxing bubble bath, without drowning you in the stuff.  

American cult brand Dr. Bronner has been a favourite for years. This Castille Soap is a multi-tasking body wash that can be used in a multitude of ways - 18 to be precise - including to wash clothes, dishes, face, and even the floor. It comes in a good choice of unisex scents, including the delicious, frangipane-like Almond Pure-Castille  Liquid Soap (£6.99) and reinvigorating Eucalyptus. 

For a truly relaxing bath, add a fistful of Westlab Dead Sea Salt, £7.99, which is packed with minerals and soothes the skin. It's particularly beneficial to those who suffer from dry patches and eczema. 


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The deliciously fragrant Isla Apothecary Blood Orange and Vanilla Scrub, £13, has a coarse consistency that works wonders when you have not scrubbed for a while and are in need of saying good riddance to all those dead skin cells. Hempz Original Exfoliating Sugar Polish, £17.99, has finer granules that melt into the skin, and leave it soft and moisturised thanks to hempseed oil.


Follow with Lavera Pampering Body Lotion Organic Wild Rose, £8.45, a very moisturising and easily  absorbed cream. For a DIY option, use coconut oil, which has hydrating and antiseptic properties. Apply a small amount and let it sink in.


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We all like to show off that gorgeous pedicure but if feet are not well looked after, you may as well hide them away in a pair of wellies. A good scrub followed by moisturiser will take care of this. Pick a cream that's not greasy (there's nothing more annoying that using an oily one that make your feet slide into your shoes). Urtekram Certified Organic Foot Cream with Aloe Vera, £6.04, has a light formula that absorbs quickly and is freshly scented with menthol and rosemary oils.