Lush Opens First Package-Free 'Naked' Store in the UK

Following the success of their package-free ‘Naked’ stores in Milan and Berlin, Lush has launched the first Naked shop in Manchester.

10 Market Street opened its doors again on Friday (18 January) after undergoing renovation. The store is now the first plastic packaging-free cosmetics shop in the country.

The store is selling Lush’s much loved products, including shampoos, conditioners, bathcare, skincare and cosmetics.

Lush has also introduced its #LushLabs app where visitors to the shop will be able to scan products directly using their mobile phone instead of scanning labels for information. Lush Lens is an in development experiment feature which enables Lush to reduce their impact on the environment by using the phone's camera and Machine Learning to recognise products through the user’s smartphone camera, and give the customer detailed ingredient information and ‘how to use’ demonstrations via the app.

The benefits of package-free products are many, mainly reducing plastic waste and the continuous need for recycling.

The Naked stores in Milan and Berlin have already sold a whopping 8,000 shampoo bars, a success that Lush is confident will be replicated in its UK shop.