5 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands on the High Street Under £10

I don't know about you, but for years, I would navigate the aisles of Boots and Superdrugs simultaneously checking on my phone which makeup brands were cruelty-free and vegan. Fun it was not, not for me, not for the other shoppers I'd regularly crash into. Here's five brands under £10 that you can buy in confidence knowing that none of their products have been tested on animals.


Barry M

Barry M may well be my favourite makeup brand even though some of its items are not vegan; however, they have had a strict no animal testing policy since the company’s inception in 1982. While most women’s favourite makeup product is mascara mine is, without a doubt, nail polish. I absolutely adore the stuff and have dozens of bottles most of which are from Barry M. They are always affordable and can be found on the high street in Superdrug and Boots as well as online. 
I also love their dazzle dust which is a loose highly pigmented powder that comes in amazing colours, is gorgeous to apply and can be used to as an eyeshadow, on lips or dusted on pretty much anywhere for colourful impact.
The Barry M website clearly labels whether an item is vegan in the ingredients listing so it is pretty easy to navigate and while most products don’t contain any animal by-products, a few do have some animal derived colourants or beeswax in them which I avoid.

Hero Products: The Coconut Nail Infusion Nail Polish (£4.99) is coconut based as the name suggests and doesn’t require an undercoat as it has nourishing properties. It is hard wearing and comes in a variety of delicious colours. Hands down, my favourite nail polish.  Flawless Primer,(£5.99) works wondersAs someone that suffers from red face whenever life becomes exciting this primer helps to even out my complexion. Just a small amount applied across my cheeks, nose and forehead really helps to cut down on the red tones and stays in place the whole day so I don’t need to worry about having to reapply between meetings.


Superdrug B. Makeup

Superdrug is here to save the day with their fantastic B. cosmetic range. I love their great volumising mascara, which is just one of three that they offer amongst a plethora of blushers, lipsticks, foundations and brushes all of which are vegan friendly and affordable. 

Hero Products: B. Volumising Mascara (£9.99)This mascara does exactly what it says on the tin, providing volume and length to lashes with minimal clumping. Their lipsticks are also worthy of note. They come in different formulas, from luminous to matte, have a large range of gorgeous shades at at £6.99 each they are a steal.



Danish Gosh is a high quality brand at small prices, with many items priced at under £10. What's more they have a huge list of vegan products (you can check here). I've been in love with Gosh for several years now and have always been pleased with everything I've purchased from them, from eye liner and eyeshadows to their nail polishes, which are chip-free and come in a huge selection of colours. Their foundations too are excellent, and can easily compete with much pricier brands. Available from Superdrug.

Hero Products: Gosh Nail Lacquer (£3.99), Lumi Drops liquid highlighters (£7.99)


Lottie London

Not only is Lottie London Peta certified, but most of their products are vegan too (the non vegan ones contain beeswax). The brand has a great range of foundations, primers, lipsticks and lipglosses, mascaras, eyebrow and eye pencils, powders, blushers, nail polishes, eye shadows and mascaras and they are very affordable to with many products costing around the £5 mark and no more than just under £10. They do a good selection of makeup brushes too, of course, all vegan. Available from Superdrug.

Hero Products: Blush Crush (£4.95) is vegan, comes in a pretty package and in a good selection of colours. The also vegan 12 Piece Eyeshadow Palette, (£9.95) comes in different blendable shades, from the shimmery, delicate Rose Golds to The Rainbows, bright, bold hues including green and shocking pink. 


Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory started as a bath and body brand but they soon launched and expanded their makeup range with the majority of items being under £10. The brand is cruelty-free and many items don't contain any animal derived ingredients (you can check their full list here). It's widely available at Boots too, making it very handy to shop cruelty-free on the go.

Hero Products: SMP XL Extreme Plump (£10), Archery 2-1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush (£8.50).