Go Green with these CBD Oil and Cannabis Beauty Products

Once upon a time this healing herb was seen as a terrible taboo, but the calming properties of cannabis have blown up the beauty world and our shelves have been flooded with THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis) free cannabidiol-based products, from hemp to CBD. Far from causing you to ‘trip-out’ or get ‘high’ the medicinal magic of this natural ingredient has been said to help with ailments from anxiety to aches and pains.

The remedial properties of this power-player plant have been recognised for ions of time, but it’s only relatively recently that we have found cannabis in our cosmetic cabinets. From skincare to fem care and even fake tan…we’ve tried some of the best green beautifying goodness out there, below are our top 10 product picks.

herbivore emerald deep moisture glow.jpg

Herbivore Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil, £42

This jewel of a product is as pretty as a picture, with insta-worthy aesthetics and toxic-free ingredients. It includes hemp, which has serious soothing properties and can help calm and restore sensitive skin. We loved the way our skin drank it up and was left glowing, smooth and fully quenched. Buy it here.

Milk Makeup Cannabis Mask.jpg

MILK Cannabis Hydrating Face Mask, £21

You can really stick it to your skin with this solid stick-applicator cannabis face mask by MILK. It is super hydrating thanks to the plant-tastic oil and thanks to power player ingredient glycerin, it sucks moisture to your skin from your surroundings and forms a barrier to keep nasties out. You simply swipe on, leave for 5-10 minutes and wash. Plus, you look like the Incredible Hulk for a while, which is always fun! Swipe one up here.


Ohne Anti-Teardrops, £27

Period pain sucks! But new fem care brand Ohne have all the tools to ensure that time of the month is tackled with organic pads and tampons and our new favourite thing – the anti-teardrops. You rub this potent CBD oil on your stomach, for stress relieving, cramp alleviating plant power. It works to pause pain and eliminate unnecessary stress and we are in love! Grab yours here.

Maah Perfect Day Cream.jpg

Maah, From £23

Harnessing the clout of CBD, skin brand Maah has created a range of powerful products that work to give you an unrivalled glow, with no nasties, just pure plant-based power. CBD is naturally a powerful antioxidant and nourishes and plumps up skin for a radiant look and feel. It is also anti-inflammatory, which helps to soothe and calm from within. Maah’s products strive to relieve stressed out individuals and help them tackle their skin woes in a natural, yet punchy and powerful way. Snap it up here.

escentric molecules.jpg

Escentric Molecules – Molecule 04, £79

You don’t need to taste, moisturise or drink cannabidiol to feel the effects of its heady, soothing powers. This perfume by Escentric Molecules contains cannabis alongside woody notes of fresh vetiver and musk and reacts with your skin to create a personal perfume that lingers all day, calming and captivating anyone in your path. Buy it here.

Utan CBD Tanning Water.jpg

UTAN Jamie Genevieve CBD Tanning Water, £17.99

YouTube sensation Jamie Genevieve has partnered with UTAN to give the world its first vegan and cruelty free CBD Tanning Water and it’s packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to ensure a smooth, calming colour. One of the best things about this tan is that cannabidiol actually prevents blocked pores, so it leaves you with a fierce finish, with none of the tell-tale signs of sunless tan. The tan itself is really easy to apply and has a clean, fresh scent (no biscuits here thank you!) and it gives you an incredibly natural golden glow. Pick one up here.

CBD holland and barrett night cream.jpg

Holland and Barrett CBD Night Cream, £14.99

Shea butter and CBD oil team up in this product, to create a super hydrating face cream, that sinks into skin overnight, leaving you with a plump, calm complexion in the morning. Not only does CBD oil make an appearance, nourishing super-ingredient hemp seed oil also features, meaning this is a moisture mix of dreams that really tackles dehydration and works to quench thirsty skin. Buy one here.

Dr Bronner.jpg

Dr Bronner Hemp Green Tea Castile soap, £19.49

This 18-in-1 soap gives you a sensational clean, but thanks to the hydrating hemp oil it also produces an indulgent, velvety lather than nourishes from head to toe. It doesn’t contain any synthetic foaming agents or preservatives and is completely biodegradable. It’s a totally natural way to keep skin clean and fresh, with a silky-smooth feel post shower. We love it. Get your soap on here.

Ignite natural.jpg

Ignite Natural CBD Lip Balm, £9.99

With 99% pure isolate CBD oil, this lip balm quenches even the driest lips and it helps distress as it’s absorbed . Get yours here.


Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol Oil, from 27.95

CBD oil is said to help with a variety of ailments and conditions, including chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and even dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even arthritis. The key is to purchase a good quality, premium brand, such as Dragonfly Biosciences, who oversees every single step of its CBD oil production process, starting from seed. Place 8 drops under your tongue and wait two minutes before swallowing. Up to 133 drops of the 300mg oil can be taken daily, according to needs. Dragonfly CBD Oil comes in 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. Buy it here.