6 Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Mascaras for Luscious Lashes
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Mascara is a little bit like a pair of jeans: hard to find the perfect one but when you do you'll stay faithful to it for years to come.

Aside from replacing shoes, which my cat would continuously passively aggressively destroy any time she had (vegan) beef with me, mascaras must be the product I've spent most money on. The reason for it is because I've bought many that seemed great (the right brush, the blackest shade of black) only to try it on at home to find that they just didn't work for me. Recently at the Just V show I bought what I thought was a lovely one, but as soon as I applied it my eyes were watering and I looked like a not so hot mess, with black tears streaking my cheeks. I gave it to a friend, warning her, but she had no problem with it at all, in fact she loved it.
So mascara is subjective but we've tried and tested a few, so you don't have to. These gave us no problem in terms of sensitivity (and my eyes are very sensitive) and left our lashes looking thick, long and well, luscious. 

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Delfy Cosmetics Infinite Lashes Waterproof Mascara £16.40

There is so much I love about Delfy Cosmetics Infinite Lashes Mascara. For starters, it delivers what it says, so if you are after long, well-separated lashes, this mascara does just that whilst adding volume and thickness, for a dramatic yet natural eye. Its formula is very good too: not too liquid nor too dense, just right, making application mess-free. And lastly, being waterproof, it doesn’t melt even under the scorching sun or come off in the pool but, unlike most waterproof mascaras, it’s easy to take off even with a standard makeup remover, without the need for rubbing hard (never a good idea) and leaves no smudges on the pillow. Big thumbs up from me!
Best for: An easy to remove waterproof mascara that lengthens and thickens lashes beautifully.

Ellis Faas Mascara.jpg

Ellis Faas Mascara, £22

I've tried many makeup products by Ellis Faas and each and every one has impressed me. This mascara comes up trumps too: it has a deep, highly pigmented colour (you can choose from black or brown), lengthen lashes, adding volume and thickness and comes in a fabulous tube. The brand never tests on animal, regularly organises charity initiatives and many of their products are vegan. This mascara contains synthetic beeswax, which is often vegan but not always, and it may contain carmine, so we can't guarantee it's vegan. It's widely available online and from Selfridges.
Best for: This is a great all-rounder. If you are after a mascara that does it all this is a great choice

B.Beauty Volumising Mascara.png

B. Volumizing Mascara, £9.99

B. by Superdrug is a great, affordable, widely available vegan and cruelty-free brand that really delivers. I like the formula of this mascara, not too thick or too wet. It dries quickly and adds volume as it promises. 
Best for: Those with thinner, fewer lashes that need added thickness and volume. This mascara is a favourite of Ethica Magazine's Food Editor Danica. She swears by it.

Lola Makeup Mascara Horizontal.jpg

Lola Makeup Lash Extension Mascara, £11.95

If you want long, well defined lashes, Lola Makeup Lash Extension Mascara is a must try. The brush separates the lashes, adding length and coating them with the glossiest black. It doesn't smudge, is clump-free and lasts all day, plus it's packed with emollients to keep your lashes soft all day.
Best for: Those who want to add length, however this does add some volume too, so it's a good all rounder. If you are after thickness, Lola Makeup also do the excellent Mega Volume Mascara.

Jane Iredale Mascara Horizontal.jpg

Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara, £18

Those with sensitive eyes like me can find brushes on lengthening mascaras a little prickly sometimes, as they tend to have harder, shorter bristles. Not this one. This two-sided brush can be used on top and bottom lashes and it's soft enough to be used on the most sensitive eyes. It's also mineral, which helps if you don't tolerate mascaras very well. Jane Iredale is a cruelty-free brand and many of their products are vegan too (they have a very useful list on their site and all their products clearly state whether they are vegan), however this product does contain beeswax. Jane Iredale is widely available online and in beauty salons and spas.
Best for: Those with sensitive eyes and those who want skyscraping eyelashes.

Pure Anada Mascara Horizontal.jpg

Pure Anada Black Mascara, £16

Parabens free, mercury free, gluten free and vegan: this mascara is a dream! Pure Anada Black Mascara is as natural as it gets. I love the curved brush, which catches and separates every single eyelash and delivers just the right amount of mascara. It's clump free and the formula stays soft all day. 
Best for: Those who don't want any nasties in their products and love a natural look. Those with messy lashes that grow in all directions: this mascara does a good job at tidying them up and achieving a groomed look.