About Ethica Magazine

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Stef Bottinelli - editor in chief and founder

Stef has been and editor and journalist for over ten years. She's worked as an editor at Time Inc UK, Global and Celebritext and has written for several print and online publications, including The Telegraph's Stella Magazine, Possibilia and Mauritius Now. She's also been a guest on several radio shows and podcasts such as BBC Radio London and The Other Woman. Stef's passions are travel, fashion, beauty and nutrition and she wants to spread the word about vegan and cruelty free brands and show people how easy it is to be ethical and fabulous. Stef lives in London with her partner, D'Arcy the cat and Gaia the (rescue) dog.


Joanne conlon - REcipes contributor

Jo lives in beautiful Shoreham-by-Sea, a stone’s throw from Brighton, the vegetarian and vegan capital of the UK. 
She blogs at Salad or Chips where she shares tasty, nutritious and easy to follow plant-based recipes. Jo's been vegan since early 2014 and has noticed an incredible change of pace. "There’s never been a better time to be vegan", she says.


Other contributors: 

Lauren, Wigley, Emma Oldham, Danica Wyber-Thomas, Annie Heritage, Adam Dobby (photography), LouLou Von Spiel (Asia) and Lee Howard.